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Patient Success Stories

  • Maureen Messer

    Maureen Messer

    Select Specialty Hospital-Savannah, Georgia

    Maureen Messer was enjoying life in Beaufort, South Carolina, with her little dog, Molly. Her illness began with a cough and weakness that worsened to the point her daughter called for an ambulance. Maureen was taken to a local hospital and diagnosed with necrotizing pneumonia. She also developed a severe intestinal infection and her body continued to weaken. Physicians discovered she had ischemic bowel, so part of her bowel was removed and an ileostomy performed. Following the surgery, Maureen was unable to wean from the ventilator. At one point, Maureen's daughters were told she might not make it and they should consider "letting her go." They knew their Mom and believed she would want to keep fighting, so they transferred her to Select Specialty Hospital - Savannah. Maureen suffered a stroke shortly after she was admitted, but her family and care team at Select Specialty still didn't give up. After a month of medical treatments and aggressive therapy, she weaned off the ventilator and grew strong enough to go home. Now she and Molly are living in Tennessee with one of her daughters. "I can't say enough about Select, I was at death's door and they saved me. They were outstanding, all of them."