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Quality Outcomes

  • Throughout our specialty hospitals, we are focused on providing high-quality and compassionate care to our medically complex and critically-ill patients.

    QualMaxThis commitment involves continuously measuring, monitoring and reporting on quality indicators such as outcomes, patient satisfaction, infection control, regulatory compliance, utilization management and patient safety. As part of our comprehensive performance improvement system, called QualMax, Select Medical's quality team works closely with our clinicians. The process helps to inform hospital leadership of our ongoing successes as well as opportunities for improvement. 


    More than twenty-five percent of our patients cannot sustain effective breathing on their own when they arrive at our hospital.


    Vent Weaning Pie ChartSelect Medical's Pulmonary Program provides specialized care for patients with acute or chronic respiratory disorders and successfully liberates about 70 percent of these patients from the ventilator.

    In 2012, Select Medical's specialty hospitals were recognized by the American Association for Respiratory Care for offering high- quality care. A full list of the many hospitals recognized is published at www.YourLungHealth.org.

    Patient Satisfaction

    The satisfaction of our patients is a key indicator of how well we meet their acute care needs and individual goals.

    Patient Satisfaction Quality Data

    Select Medical measures the satisfaction of patients following their stay using the Select Medical Patient Perception of Care survey. Our overall patient satisfaction trend shows a very consistent,high proportion of positive responses from patients.

    The overall average scores for 2012 have been 90 percent or higher. (Note that the satisfaction survey return rate is approximately 50 percent).

    Employee Engagement

    Employee engagement is closely associated with quality indicators. Extensive research has shown that when an employee is actively engaged he or she is more focused on patient care. engaged employees are also more productive, safer, and tend to stay with an employer longer. Employee Engagement Quality DataSelect Medical has developed a measure of employee engagement specifically for health care employees called the FRESH20. This survey includes 20 questions relating to three dimensions of employee engagement from teamwork to personal involvement. Questions are scored on a 5-point Likert agreement scale, representing the highest level of agreement with positive statements about employee engagement. employees are surveyed once per year.